Can I Sell My House As Is?

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Home Inspections are Designed to Find Problems

Home inspections are a standard part of real estate transactions these days. Although laws are different from state to state, most home inspectors are hired by buyers who are looking for red flags or major repair issues before they make an initial offer.

The typical home inspection is very thorough. In fact, the National Association of Home Inspectors instructs their certified inspectors to look at 1,600 different items during their inspections. Major examination areas will often include the plumbing and electrical systems, foundation and structural health, and the condition of the roof. But inspectors will also examine the condition of the home’s interior and functionality of appliances, outlets, and fixtures.

Once an inspection is complete and the report has been finalized, buyers and their representative brokers will review the findings and use the included information as the basis of their initial offer. No home is problem free, so minor issues likely won’t have a large effect on the final sales price. However, if the inspection finds major issues with big-ticket items like the foundation, structure, or roof, a buyer could decide to drastically reduce their offer or walk away from the transaction altogether.

How Do I Sell a House As Is?

If you need to sell a house that is a bit run down or in need of major repairs, you’re likely a bit frightened at the prospect of a home inspection. Sellers in this position have two basic options. You can either fix your home up and address those major issues prior to putting your home on the market, or you can list your home, go through the inspections process, and take a big loss in your asking price. Unfortunately, you’ll be losing a lot of money regardless of which option you choose.

Selling your home as-is lets you avoid the home inspection process entirely and sell your home in its current state. Vancouver Redevelopment can help.

Vancouver Redevelopment Pays Cash for Homes in Any Condition

Vancouver Redevelopment is an investment group that buys Vancouver and Portland area homes directly from buyers just like you. Because we pay cash for our homes, we can avoid the typical lender requirements like home inspections and appraisals. And because we deal directly with our customers, we can act fast. Once we receive all the relevant property information, we can usually make our offer in as little as a day. If the buyer accepts our offer, they can collect their cash from escrow in as little as seven days. And of course, buyers are under no obligation. If they decide not to accept our offer, they can simply refuse with no hard feelings.

Selling your home as-is is easy! If you’d like to receive your fast cash offer and sell a house as-is, call Vancouver Redevelopment today at (360) 558-3338 or fill out our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We buy houses in any condition, so even if your home’s seen better days, don’t be afraid to reach out.

You don’t have to be afraid of the home inspection process. Contact Vancouver Redevelopment today and we’ll get to work preparing your cash offer.

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